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Tips to Declutter Your Home

Tips to Declutter Your Home

home declutter san fernandoEveryone wants a simplified, uncluttered life. Fewer possessions would mean less stuff to clean, less to organize. In fact, people experience some kind of transformation after reducing unnecessary material possessions. However, as soon as you decide to declutter, you are stumped with the question, “Where do I begin?” Such a dilemma leaves most people overwhelmed and discouraged.

Make a List

List rooms or locations in your home that needs decluttering according to priority. Start with the easiest part of your homelike closets. No pressure on deadlines, giving yourself strict date of accomplishments will only stress you more. Just do each item on your list each week and move on to the next when you’re done. Avail of San Fernando Valley carpet cleaning to help you. Jump to the next item only when you’re done completely.

Reduce One Day at a Time

Giving away one stuff each day to a dear friend, a sibling, a good neighbor, an officemate, or somebody who may have a use for that item will make you feel good as well. This is hitting two birds with one stone – decluttering and helping others. You can even encourage your kids to try this one.

Four Container Method

Provide four containers for the following:

  • Trash: Put items that are broken or damaged and cannot be repaired.
  • Sell / Donate: Things you’ve used once or twice but won’t need anymore. Sell online or through garage sales. Donate to family and friends.
  • Store: Seasonal items or things that you don’t use on a regular basis.
  • Keep: Things you use regularly should be the only ones left on your closets and cabinets.

Having a clean and organized home will leave you with a happy and stress-free life. After your home is decluttered, consider having your carpet professionally cleaned to give your home that fresh feeling. We offer superior carpet cleaning in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas.

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Spring-Cleaning Your Home in Winter

Spring-Cleaning Your Home in Winter

People have been so used to spring cleaning. We haven’t realized that it’s during the summer when our windows are open that we invite all kinds of dust and dirt, letting them settle in furniture, linens, and carpets. Here in San Fernando Valley, better lose the spring cleaning tips and focus on doing them as early as fall. After all, nobody wants to get trapped in the winter for months inside a house full of germs, where we could inhale all those allergens.

Here are some great carpet cleaning tips that you can do for your San Fernando Valley home during the winter:

Clean Windows

As many spring cleaning tips say, clean windows inside and out. Do the cleaning with a non-toxic solution that you can DIY using 2 cups water, 1/2 tsp. mild dishwashing detergent, and 1/2 cup white vinegar.

Disinfect Garbage Bins

Garbage bins are disgusting grime collectors. Soak them in undiluted hydrogen peroxide for an hour before scrubbing any residue inside.

Vacuum Underside of Furniture

Tilt all upholstered furniture and vacuum the bottom. The underside is the most taken for granted part of a furniture and its where all the dust and dirt hide.

Change Air Filters

Your air filters trap pet hair, molds, and all kinds of dirt so make sure you get new ones before winter starts. This is one of the most basic of all carpet cleaning tips.

Dirt-Proof Your Entryway

Boot scrapers, wet shoes racks, and outdoor mats are the best dirt guardians to keep winter’s stain and mess out of the house. This one’s definitely not on many spring cleaning tips.

Call on the experts at Spitz Carpet Cleaning, and avail of our services today. We understanding how some carpet cleaning tips just won’t work on a particular stain and some DIY solutions can cause greater harm if not done properly. We pride ourselves in providing one of the highest quality, most reliable, and eco-friendly carpet cleaning services in San Fernando Valley and the neighboring area.

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Carpet Cleaning Options: An Overview

Carpet Cleaning Options: An Overview

Clean Carpets in San Fernando ValleyEverybody knows a good carpet can transform a plain room into an elegant one, but that’s not the only thing carpets do. They also provide comfort and warmth, trap allergens to keep them away from breathing zones, and help lessen the severity of a fall by providing a soft landing surface. The last one is perfect for families with toddlers or aging family members. Good quality carpets don’t come cheap, however, so their lifecycle depends on how much you take care of them. When properly cleaned and maintained, carpets can serve you well for a very long time.

Check out some of the most popular carpet cleaning options that you can use when doing carpet cleaning in San Fernando Valley.

Absorbent-Pad Method: Absorbent spinning pads are machine-applied to the carpet to remove dirt.

Dry Extraction Method: Carpet is vacuumed to remove dirt after saturating the carpet with detergent or solvent.

Dry Foam Cleaning Method: A foam solution is applied then wet-vacuumed to remove dirt.

Steam Cleaning Method: One of the most recommended carpet cleaning options is steam cleaning. Pressurized solutions are applied into the carpet and sucked up using industrial-strength vacuum machine.

Professional Service

DIY carpet cleaning in San Fernando Valley can save you money but some methods if not done properly can actually make stains worse or can even cause irreversible damage to your precious carpet. Nothing beats professional carpet cleaners who know which methods are appropriate to use for a specific stain or dirt.

Contact Spitz Carpet Cleaning today and avail of a free estimate or to book professional carpet cleaning in San Fernando Valley or the neighboring area. We know which appropriate methods to use for residential and commercial establishments. We will get the job done with top quality results because we use nothing but the best, environment-friendly, and tested-and-proven carpet cleaning options.

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